“Quality Products, Healthy Life”

When our consumers use Cibex products, they know that they are in good hands. This is because we are dedicated to the preservation of your health and safety. All Cibex products are manufactured at our production facility, with a well-equipped testing laboratory, which comply with the globally accepted standards of cGMP/cGLP.

Furthermore, all processes are overseen by the highly experienced and qualified pharmacists and chemists of our Quality Assurance and Quality Control Departments, whose robust monitoring practices ensure thorough vigilance at all times.

All procedures are regularly reviewed and updated, which ensures that our systems evolve in sync with developments in the healthcare industry. The Cibex Quality Policy is based on an unwavering commitment to the provision of reliable, effective and safe products at all times.

Customer Complaints

In case you experience any Adverse Drug Reactions, or receive/purchase a Cibex product that is not in its defined specification, please contact us immediately.